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Hand made frames that

complement your art.

We believe that you deserve a frame that enhances and protects your treasures. Using the highest quality materials and methods, we are able to create something truly special.

Bespoke Picture


Showcase your art the

way it deserves. We love

a challenge!



Music lover? Fan of the classics? Frame your

music legends.

Frame Repair

& Refurbishment.

Bringing your frames

back to life. Display your

memories with pride.

Bespoke framing solutions.

Art can often be priceless to you. Everyone deserves a frame that will respect and care for their prized possessions, protecting it for future generations.


We love art as

much as you do.

From initial consultation through to delivery, we will protect your art as if it were our own. With our wide selection of materials, you will undoubtedly find the perfect match for your artwork. The wrong moulding or mount can ruin the overall look of the finished piece, we will work with you through every step, to ensure you receive the best possible result from your frame.

Framing your music legends.

Posters, vinyl, CDs, guitars, drumsticks and even plectrums, we won't judge you on your music taste, we promise! From bespoke to pre-framed memorabilia - we have you covered.


Celebrating your

Vinyl love.

Not only do we love framing the quirky (anything we can get our hands on) music is something we have a huge passion for. The more unusual or quirky the better, we are always up for a challenge. You will often see a framed vinyl or two in our gallery, who knows what might take your fancy! Get your music memorabilia out of hiding! We love to talk music.

Frame repair and refurbishment.

Frames and styles change with time: glass breaks, frames chip, wood warps.
We specialise in reviving your frames in order to bring them back their original beauty. We are happy to talk.


Revive your favourite


More often than not, a good clean is all that a frame needs to bring some of the art's hidden beauty back, but sometimes a little more attention is needed.

Insects are annoying at the best of times, but when they've decided to infest your favourite picture what do you do? Typically, thunder flies (Thrips) are drawn to yellow and white. Conveniently, these are the most popular colours for mounts. In this scenario, we would strip the frame inside and out, do a full clean, reassemble, re-seal and, where needed, re-string the frame.

Trends and fashions are constantly changing. A simple change of colour mount can make your dated artwork look like a contemporary piece. In our studio, we are able to provide a variety of colour choices and styles that will work in partnership with your picture and its surroundings.

Whatever the job, we would love to chat and work with you to find out what works best.

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